‘Balloon Hangers’ are a revolutionary way to hang-up party balloons for any occasion as well as being a time saving device for the home, office or indeed all events or celebrations with no more need for holding them together with cotton, string, wire or tape!

It’s simple, quick and creates a stunning result. You could say it’s child’s play and is also a World First! Just blow up your balloons and knot them, then simply attach each balloon in turn to the hanger and you’re ready to hang using a ‘drawing pin’, ‘sticky bud’ or ‘mounting putty’ – simple!

The ‘disc’ part of the ‘8-Cluster Balloon Hanger’ can also be used to make ‘Balloon Arches’ and ‘Balloon Columns’ in addition to ‘Balloon Clusters’. More information on this can be found HERE.

There are two forms of Balloon Hanger available to make your displays look stunning while also being easy to assemble:

The ‘Corner Balloon Hanger’ (holds 3 Balloons) for room corners and group displays.

The ‘Cluster Balloon Hanger’ (holds 8 balloons) for ceiling, arch and column displays.

See examples of these three and eight balloon displays below.