How to Make Balloon Arches, Columns and Displays Using Balloon Hangers

Using the new, revolutionary ‘Balloon Hangers’ to make ‘Balloon Arches’, ‘Balloon Columns’, ‘Balloon Clusters’ and Displays with air-filled party balloons, is easy peazy!! and with helium filled latex balloons, it’s an absolute doddle!!

Balloon Arches (Air-Filled and Helium Filled Latex Balloons)


There are a number of ways arches can be made:

For a Quick Arch

The quickest and simplest way is to blow up your latex balloons with air or helium, attach to the ‘disc’ part of the ‘8-Cluster Balloon Hanger’ (discarding the ‘spring’ part, as it is not required). Then knot one end of a ‘high breaking point’ nylon fishing wire and anchor it to a weighty object (with no sharp edges) and simply thread the centre of the ‘disc’ down the line, 8 balloons at a time. When you have the desired length apply gentle tension to the threaded balloons and they will interlock, then tie off to prevent the ‘discs’ from coming off the line and once again anchor to a weighty object. The arch can then be arranged around a door or structure and held secure with pieces of clear tape.

Job Done and Party On!!!

For Long Lasting, Permanent or Reusable Arches (Great for outdoors in all weathers too!!)

If the arch can be secured to the door frame or desired structure with ‘cup hooks’ or ‘drawing pins’. You can still use nylon fishing wire as above, however, if you would rather make a self supporting arch then galvanized wire or better still thin aluminium rod that will bend easily and hold its shape unsupported, is a more permanent and reusable solution. You should always make sure the ‘disc’ slides freely down the wire or rod. Tape a cork to one end to stop the hangers falling off as you build the arch. Attach your inflated balloons (air is perfectly fine for this) to each ‘disc’ then thread onto the wire or rod 8 at a time. Care not to burst the balloons with the pointed end of the wire… problems if this happens, other than you will jump out of your skin when you do!!..simply pull off burst balloon and slip on a replacement.

Once you have enough hangers in place, tape on another cork to the end you were threading, but allow enough movement to take up your desired shape..the balloons will interlock with each other. Insert both ends in a planter or similar, filled with sand or gravel chips……hey presto, an arch! (The arch shown used only 16 ‘Cluster Hangers’).

Once you have the components it is easy to recreate over and over again! Why not try different coloured balloons to create ‘spiral effects’! Have Fun!!

Balloon Columns


To make ‘balloon columns’ either side of a door, dance floor, stage or room corners, use the ’8-Cluster Balloon Hanger’ (again the ‘spring’ part is not required for this). Attach your inflated balloons to each ‘disc’ (air is again fine), then stack on top of one another 8 at a time, threading the string or fishing wire through the central hole. At your desired height knot off and you have a column!…..repeat as required. Inside, you could secure by taping the hangers at intervals to the door frame or pillar etc, with drawing pins or duck tape for plastic doors……’Balloon Columns’ in minutes!! (Each column shown used 4 ‘Cluster Hangers’). For self supporting columns, simply thread the discs down a rod and insert one corked end into a planter or similar and stand upright. Easy Peazy!!

Large Clusters To Massive Clusters!!


For large ‘Balloon Clusters’ simply tie together the ‘loop ends’ of the ‘spring’ from either the ’3-Corner Balloon Hangers’ or ’8-Cluster Balloon Hangers’…..keep going, knotting occasionally to hold the shape,…the skies the limit!…massive clusters in minutes!

Attach to walls, ceilings centres and corners…in fact anything…..even cars and gate posts! For great displays anywhere!

We hope this information has been useful and you will have fun creating imaginative displays for all occasions, indoors and out!

…’Balloon Hangers’…a ‘World First’ patented product, for hanging party balloons quickly and simply, making all our lives easier.

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