The Original – ‘David Manning’s Balloon Hangers’ – The solution to an age old problem

No more cotton, string, wire or tape!!…A revolutionary way to hang up party balloons on all occasions. It’s simple, quick and creates stunning displays. It’s child’s play….and it’s a World First!……….

A truly time saving device when organising parties and celebrations whether in the Home or Office, for Weddings and Wild Nights or Birthdays to Bar Mitzvahs and Corporate to Christmas, Halloween, Street or Concert ………in fact any event where you wish to hang up balloons or create stunning displays, ‘David Manning’s Balloon Hangers’ will get the job done quickly….giving you more time to party!!

How do you hang party balloons…from ceilings, walls and room corners? We’ve all tried to hang balloons on those special occasions. Its time consuming, fiddly and an often frustrating process!!

Well this isn’t!…

Introducing ‘David Manning’s Balloon Hangers’™…… The ‘Original’ Balloon Hanger.balloon-hanger-arch5

  • Firstly blow up your balloons and knot them.
  • Simply attach each balloon in turn to the balloon hanging device

…and your ready to hang using a drawing pin or mounting putty….simple!

The unique patented spring design allows for easy positioning and holds the balloons tightly in place against the walls or ceiling, even as the balloons begin to deflate…..’David Manning’s Balloon Hangers’™
Simple, quick and creates a stunning display of party balloons for all occasions.
  • It’s revolutionary!
  • It’s a World First!
  • It will make YOUR life easier!

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