Terms And Conditions

Website Use:

This website is to be used only by those who may be interested in purchasing from us, ‘David Manning’s Balloon Hangers’ in all their forms. You agree we cannot be held responsible for issues arising from downloading, accessing, copying, printing or viewing the content on this site for any reason whatever. You agree that you will not modify, try to access security features, overload the server or in any way reduce the efficiency of the site. You agree not to manipulate or copy any portion of the website without written agreement from the site owners or related companies, directly in writing. Using this site is at your own risk.

Website Accuracy:

Every effort has been made to inform you accurately regarding product information, including pricing and order procedures. We reserve the right to cancel orders when those orders were placed under such errors including pricing and we reserve the right to correct errors to the site without prior notice.

Cancelling Orders:

We reserve the right to cancel any order for any reason. Customers can only cancel orders when the order has not been dispatched. Otherwise, we can only refund the order less shipping/carriage/courier or postage costs, once the goods have been returned to us in unspoilt condition.

Orders placed by Cheque or any form of Money Order/Transfer:

We reserve the right to wait the appropriate time laid down by the money institutions for cheque, money order or transfer clearance prior to dispatch. However, when possible we try to be flexible to customers and prior packing and/or dispatch can be made before clearance, but each order will be reviewed separately.

Lead Times (Written order confirmation by us through to delivery):

Every effort is made to ensure sufficient Balloon Hangers are available for a prompt delivery and lead times are usually 2-3 weeks, depending on quantity ordered and current demand. Small orders are significantly quicker, often the same day dispatch. However, we reserve the right to increase lead times without notice. We always strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Ensuring you have our best attentions at all times we pride ourselves with having a flexible approach in order to accommodate customer requests, keeping on task. You the customer, have the right to cancel the order, but only if it has not been processed or dispatched. In this case we reserve the right to make ‘reasonable’ charges to you for delivery costs incurred (Once the goods are returned in an unspoilt condition) or for lost production, if the order has been processed.

Limited Warranty:

The Balloon Hanger products in all their forms are specifically designed to be used once only, then discarded. However, they will usually service more than one application if required, although we cannot be responsible for any products not performing to the original specification/description of use, if used more than once. The products are used at the customers own risk.

Payment Terms:

Payments are to be made in full, strictly prior to goods dispatch, unless agreement is made with BalloonHangers.com or its related companies in writing prior to dispatch.

Trademarks and Copyright:

All logos, trademarks and description of goods not owned by other companies on this site or outside, are the property of BalloonHangers.com and related companies and cannot be used or copied without written permission from said companies.

About Us Page:

Profile and downloadable information of BalloonHangers.com Managing Director, David Manning, is the sole property/copyright of BalloonHangers.com and related companies. It cannot be copied/published/transferred or used in any way or for any reason, other than personal general knowledge for the site user, unless written permission is given by David Manning.

Thank you for your valued business: BalloonHangers.com – Home of ‘David Manning’s Balloon Hangers’ – The ‘Original’ Balloon Hangers.