Great News! ‘David Manning’s Balloon Hangers’ now offer FREE UK carriage and international shipping discounts!

Due to the increasing success of ‘David Manning’s Balloon Hangers’, ‘ are delighted to now offer FREE carriage within the UK on MOQ’s of 500 and over for our ‘Party Room Packs’ !  In addition, FREE delivery for UK companies is available on the ‘Corner’ and ‘Cluster’ balloon hangers also on a MOQ basis. (Please contact [email protected] for further details).
Following high volume sales, they offer further attractive rates for ‘international deliveries’ around the globe. This ‘World First’ patented device is cheap and simple to use, allowing the hanging of ‘air filled’ party balloons in seconds. Quickly they create displays, arches and columns….removing the stress of the ‘old fassioned’ methods. NO MORE COTTON, STRING, WIRE OR TAPE!…….”So go on”, says inventor of the’ Balloon Hangers’ David Manning, “Why not give them a try!!!……. LET’S PARTY!”
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