‘Balloon Hangers’….great for Christmas and New Year Parties!! Special Offer!!!!

Christmas and New Year 2023/24 is on its way, so why not take advantage of our Introductory Box of ‘Balloon Hanger Room Packs’, to get those balloons up quickly and without the stress of old fashioned methods…giving you and your customers more time to party!

The Introductory Box contains 40 packs and every pack has 4 ‘Corner Balloon Hangers’ (each holds 3 balloons perfectly in ceiling corners) and 2 ‘Cluster Balloon Hangers’ (each holds 8 balloons in a sphere to hang from…well anywhere!..great for ceiling displays and creating professional looking balloon arches and columns in an instant!). The Box is only 35.00 GBP including FREE delivery throughout the UK….Fantastic value as each pack will hang 28 balloons !! (Hanging a total of 1120 balloons in each Introductory Box…all for only 35.00 GBP!!). For overseas orders, please e-mail [email protected] We are already supplying ‘David Manning’s Balloon Hangers’ world wide, so to avoid disappointment, order now! Just click on the contact tab and fill in your details and give them a try!! ‘David Manning’s Balloon Hangers’….. no more cotton, string, wire or tape…simple and quick…making all our lives easier! Wishing you,
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