Brand New Eye Catching ‘Retail Packs’ for 2020!!! are proud to launch their NEW eye catching ‘Retail Packs’ for 2020. ‘David Manning’s Balloon Hangers’ have been distributed worldwide since launch, initially aiming at the on-line party product companies. However, the New ‘Party Room Packs’ have been designed with retail in mind. David Manning, inventor and Managing Director of the Balloon Hanger Company said, “The new pack design is immediately eye catching and explains in simple terms what the balloon hangers are and how to use them.”

David Manning invented the ‘Balloon Hanger’ whilst hanging balloons for his children. Removing the old time consuming and fiddly methods using cotton, string, wire or tape, he  designed a simple but robust clip for hanging up party balloons quickly and simply. The ‘Patented’ spring design holds the balloons in place even as they begin to deflate. The Balloon Hangers are great for creating displays, large or small and can be further used to make ‘Balloon Arches’ and ‘Balloon Columns’. They can be used in doors or outdoors in all types of weather!

The NEW pack design holds the same contents as the original ‘Party Room Packs’ that is 4 of the ‘3-Corner Balloon Hangers’ and 2 of the ‘8-Cluster Balloon Hangers’. Enough to hang and display 28 balloons quickly in the four corners of a room plus two ceiling clusters! also supplies in ‘bulk quantities’ or ‘boxed loose’ for event organisers. In addition, the ‘Circle’ part of the ‘8-Cluster Balloon hanger’ can be supplied separately to create the ‘Arches’ and ‘Columns’. (Please see the article on our website).

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